Our Dreams – My Father’s & Mine


“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our Dreams – My Father’s & Mine:

Some of us pursue our parent’s creative dreams, with the determination to see it to culmination, unlike what they were able to in their lifetime. My father, as I learnt only a year or so before his passing, had acted in a Bengali movie as the lead hero alongside a very reputed actress of those times in the 60’s. The completed film, as happened commonly at that time, even to actors who later went on to become legends by their sheer relentlessness, was never released. Father, who did not have any living parent or even a guardian by then and who had barely crossed the border from East Pakistan alone, did not have the financial support to try his luck with another, so dived full time into his new business and went on to become fairly successful. In his lifetime, father never divulged this shattering of his dream ever, either to mother or to us girls, burying it secretly in his heart. He was visibly very annoyed when his closest childhood friend blurted it to us over lunch at our house one day and tried to deny it and prevent his friend saying further. This awareness shocked and overwhelmed me profoundly, though I never brought it up with father again. Much later, every time I got a rejection letter from publishers for my novel Across Borders, I saw my father’s dejected face lurking over mine. I was determined then, I was going to make the world see it, for father’s sake as well as mine. Today, I hope wherever he is, he can see that we both did it!!!




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