TIME has a beautiful way

of gradually absorbing

from our hearts the pain of loss,

as cotton gauge

applied over a wound.


Even as the dull ache ebbs away

with more application

 of the time balm –

the scar leaves behind

 it’s mark and essence:

Converting gently into a slide show

or at times – random frozen shots

 of cherished memories,

which become more alive

 than the wound was.


You then transcend into

a new life of warm, beautiful

 memories that nothing

 but your death can rob you of:

It’s as if you’re floating

as a new-born

on a large leaf – on the pond

of everlasting memories. 


Lying on the bed I woke up in

this very day – 5th January, 2005 –

the day I lost my father:

I’m searching for the pain

I had lived with

for long in my soul.


But twelve years hence –  

there’s not even a residue of it

to dilute my memories of him.

I’m finally free of the ache –

to relish my reminiscences.


PS: I took all these pictures on a stroll early this morning, just after I wrote these lines. Nature is where I feel the true essence of God and also Baba’s presence – over any temple, church, mosque or gurudwara…All of which are one to me! Nature speaks to me over any wall, dome or stone idols.






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