Letting Go


Before me the river Ganges peacefully flows,

Its ripples rise and fall frothing over white cobbled stone;

But over boulders having no visible force – it caressingly glides,

Yet it gently flushes my heart of its obstinate toxic woes.

I sit for hours engrossed in the waters rhythmic flow

As if it is singing classical raga to the strums of the sitar:

With my back basking in the suns warm glow

I’m anointed by the cool breeze swathing the holy green flow.

As my soul seems liberated from debilitating worldly ties

I feel one with my creator, needing no identity I fear no rejection:

My sense of self consolidated, free of a lifelong urge for projection –

A palm-full of its own water I offer Ma Ganga thrice in obeisance.

Yet unable to leave I now slowly walk close to the water’s edge –

For a deep attachment I’ve developed for this holy current;

That’s a crutch to my soul, in filling the void in my heart I’ve created:

I still need a while to be free from craving worldly affections!  

PS: I took the pictures myself…the ones I’m in also I composed. 😊








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