‘Art of Enjoying every Moment’: The Ganges boat ride, in Banaras.



After a city tour, also Ashoka Pillar, Thai temple, Stupa at Sarnath,

to which we added the Banaras Hindu University’s campus –

including the new Vishwanath temple – that students frequent:

we reached the Ganges at Assi Ghat, after the arati had commenced.


A number of young women rushed to us – as a swarm of locusts;

buzzing around – into making us buy their last leaf boats with diyas

of candle – that lit, along with flowers and incense are floated –

by those seeking to make a solemn wish, or purely in reverence.


After offerings to Ganges, we hired a motorboat for a long ride –

which would be tough on a rowboat in high tide – at this time:

to go past  ghats lining Banaras – ending its enhanced facade at Rajghat,

painting an exquisite sight over the canvas of balmy dimming sky.


Glittering silhouettes of ghats, distinct in architectural constructs –

breezed by as if in a motion picture we might be viewing from our car,

in an amphitheatre or at a drive-in open-air theatre complex:

titles extoled on the horizon, rousing images of the ghat’s heritages.


A jarring motor sound disrupted the quiet, barring conversation,

over that insects hounded us – attacking our faces, hands and neck:

yet they couldn’t diminish the exquisiteness and bliss of these flashes –

as we focused on relishing every moment – in spite of life’s deterrents.



The Banaras Hindu University’s front facade…from our car, as we’re leaving.


The floating diya…



61092645_10157458814834974_3651455782014156800_n (1)









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