Inspirations: my Travel Poetry Book – ‘Trouvailles my Moments of Yugen’

Inspiration: My new book of Poetry…
Let me, O let me bathe my soul in colours; let me swallow the sunset and drink the rainbow.”
— Khalil Gibran

My new book of poetry, that in almost every page depicts the above lines, had started out intending to be a compilation of poems only on the city of Banaras and I had planned to title it “Kashi Chronicles”…which was the working title all along.
But in spite of my best intentions, due to the lockdown setting in just two days after my last trip to the city for my husband Bishwanath Ghosh’s book, ‘Aimless in Banaras’ in late March 2020 – I could not write more than twenty poems even after a few trips for the purpose …though several of the poems are longer story type narratives.
As Poetry for me, comes from a deep well of truth and profundity, also simplicity – to convey the most complex ideas of my soul derived in the process of writing each piece even to a child if he wishes to read it.

So then, I sat and wrote about places like Shantiniketan, Darjeeling – Kanchenjunga, and Hoogly that I could club with my views and spiritual take on a book on Banaras, for reasons that would require one to read the book. And though I wanted to write several poems on Goa too for example – a place I loved, I did not envision clubbing these travels with Kashi.

My inspiration to write this book ‘Trouvailles…” whose blurb is in the 2nd last photo, was from attending the launch of a book of poetry on Varanasi by an established poet in late 2016. I had felt rather disappointed at the time, that in spite of the seniority and expertise in the craft of poetry, the city that had so much to impart on a deeply spiritual and cultural level, also a city steeped in rich Indian heritage, had been painted with little understanding or depth.
However I humbly admit to my lack of experience in the so-called craft of poetry, as I’m a self taught poet who started at 35/36 years, but I can assure you confidently of the effort gone into the deep thoughts of each of the poems from almost 50 years of rich experiences, on life, death and well, everything else of importance in between.🤓
To me, good poetry is only and only what touches the soul and to that end comprehension is key. So I’m not at all insecure about anyone’s views of what comprises good or bad poetry. I just wish my words to touch your heart and soul.

So, read my poems just like you did back in school, with a sense of innocence and let my words find their way to your intellect only if they must, after your heart and soul are satiated…the book will be available globally very shortly in print and in ebooks in varied digital formats.

In the link below is a photo scrap book of my visual poetry, and all of these minute details have found outlet in my words in the book on understanding Banaras:

“One should be a painter. As a writer, I feel the beauty, which is almost entirely colour, very subtle, very changeable, running over my pen, as if you poured a large jug of champagne over a hairpin.”
— Virginia Woolf, The Letters of Virginia Woolf: Volume Six, 1936-1941

It’s not just sunrises, sunsets, places, events and experiences – past and present that influence your poetry, but a lot has to do with what you’re currently reading – that channelises and leads your creativity and thinking.
In the photos are two books that have inspired several poems in the last section of my new book that I happened to hand-write at this location, right after these visuals. Sharing the titles, so you’ll get the drift…


  1. The Red Thread of Fate
  2. In Search of Meaningful Colour
  3. The Sun Set on Ganges’s Lap
  4. God kissed my Hand
  5. The Jatra of Life
  6. The “Happy Hour” Margaritas & Mojitos
  7. Hangover: Isolation in Midstream
  8. My Spiritual Alcove
  9. On the Piano
  10. Pieces of Shadow: on Jasmine scented Canvas

Through these photos here on this post, sharing a few more of my inspirations in writing the entire last section that’s titled an ‘An Artist’s Retreat’ of my new book, details of which is in the link:

The book will be available globally in both print and all/varied digital platforms, in a couple of weeks at most.
I invite you into the workings of my mind …🤓☺️
And by the way, wishing you a very happy Dhanteras that’s today and tomorrow, with all the shine and glitter of the golden Sun…and Diwali the day after!

This and the above image, inspired the poem, “The Happy Hour
Margaritas & Mojitos”
This is at home: A number of poems are inspired by watching the cats at home…
The Hoogly flowing to the extreme left…

The Hoogly…
A Baul singer performing on the train to Shantiniketan…
The Kanchenjunga from my window at Darjeeling …
The Hoogly bridge in Kolkata…
Darbhanga Ghat, Varanasi…
Please enlarge photo to read the blurb…

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2 thoughts on “Inspirations: my Travel Poetry Book – ‘Trouvailles my Moments of Yugen’

  1. Beautiful pictures and nicely penned. Lovers can fly in the sky, lovers roam from thousands of years ago and still now without any break , lovers are silent speakers , lovers gain nothing without pain . Lovers never die , but always enlighten sky . Thank you

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