What A Poem means to Me

A very happy ‘World Poetry Day’ to all my friends and fellow poets: Sharing these lines yet again…that I’d written when I had first started to write poetry in 2007/08…to understand and then define what poetry meant to me personally.
And here, depicted in this photo, in the December of 2016, I had found the most relevant audience – an entire English department of Stella Maris College – Chennai, a very reputed college, to share this and other wisdom with. ☺️
These, below were my opening lines at the poetry reading at Stella Maris College – as part of the Prakriti International Poetry Festival, Chennai.

“A Poem”

A propelling word, and then a few lines –
Spurting compelling thoughts in my mind;
I first mark them down at the nick of time,
Lest they involuntarily leave me behind.

These lines delve into a maze of thoughts
That chase unconscious, unravelled tracks:
I then let myself get lost in their troughs –
They lead to my core, on to veiled grasslands.

I’m surprised by the intricacy of my soul
Whose thoughts I unconsciously abhorred,
Yet it was that momentous fleeing thought
That has led me to myself – otherwise lost.

From deep within the fissures of my mind –
A well of experience, emotions, wisdom arises:
Infusing a repertoire of words I’ve imbibed –
A poignant, myriad kaleidoscope I inscribe.

— Shuvashree Chowdhury

Please scroll down through the posts here or visit my Facebook author page Across Borders for details on my poetry books, novels and one of short fiction.

In this link, are links to more poetry initiatives from the early years of writing poetry.

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On Wold Poetrt Day today, sharing two of my simple poems on Darjeeling – the Queen of hill-stations, both incidentally written in April – one in 2016 and the other in 2019. And among many others on Darjeeling and Kalimpong along with Bananas, Shantiniketan and more on Bengal, they are in my latest poetry book “Trouvailles: my moments of Yugen” – details in an earlier post.

  1. http://shuvashreechowdhury.com/2019/04/15/the-kanchenjunga-on-a-blue-stage/


☺️As everything I write about, is sincerely and dedicatedly observed, researched and then deeply thought about, sharing just a few of the best photos from my Darjeeling Diary, after the Banaras Diary (I have one photo diary of other places in the books) in the previous posts, in this link: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10154183427069974&type=3


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