Only Time will Tell

“Only Time will Tell”

Time, is the truest elixir of Love and Life –
a balm for rejection, heartbreak, illness and strife:
if only you’ll allow it to percolate in your heart,
to nurture every facet of life’s twists and turns.

It teaches you more than what any book can,
holding your hand through toughest experiences;
unmasking the untrue faces of family or friends –
identifying acquaintances who you need to clasp.

Time, it helps you eliminate those from your life –
who are mere shallow seekers of your good time,
and give you up in failure, illness, penury, strife
with an arrogance – that with money they’ll thrive!

It’s tough experiences that earns you wisdom,
enhances your maturity and emotional quotient –
also an ability to be sensitive to others needs,
saving you foolhardy, arrogant, critical statements.

As you develop a maturity in time, to recognise
arrogance sheaths – frivolity, stupidity, ignorance:
in it people hide immense insecurity and lies,
making them smug in shadows that never hide.

Time heals wounds – physical, mental, emotional
from problems both personal and professional:
If you can’t cope with life’s tumultuous situations
sprinkle liberally with time – they’ll stew solutions.

— Shuvashree, the Timekeeper ☺️ – at one of India’s oldest and grandest Watch/clock shops…on Mount Road in Chennai.

To all my friends…
Ramadan Mubarak or Ramadan Kareem!
Also wishing you for Ugadi, Vaisakhi, Navratri, Vishu, Cheti Chand, and Gudi Padwa, Nil Shoshti and all in all an auspicious season of renewal and regeneration!

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2 thoughts on “Only Time will Tell

  1. Hi Shree
    How are things ? I finally have two days off so will call you tmrw or day after


    Sent using two thumbs please excuse typos

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