Evergreen: a Drive through the Rains

‘A Drive through the Rains’

Rain on my window brushes my parched soul
in strokes of incandescent colours of hope -
that I’ll come out of these tribulations - whole,
even after being ravaged by lengthy storms.

The droplets on my windshield blur my vision -
or are they tears from my soul’s melting pot,
in simmering for what seems as if a lifetime:
saving my culmination of rot from disease,loss.

A steady pour it takes to clear this staid air
of toxic woes, debris - poison in the ecosystem
that washes us clean so we may spot little birds
of positivity - taking shelter on window ledges.

They await a right time to fly back to their lives
on trees or sky - after they’ve shed their water loads
and are ready to provide the canopy of security
that will give us much needed reprieve - of hope.

Birds I hear chirping now - impatient with rain -
in uplifting my soul from a living-death before late,
to save myself sinking into a numb unworthiness:
rejuvenating my senses to hear distinct droplets.

My drive with music and slush, cleared garbage
of thoughts I’ve allowed to accumulate as weeds:
so I’ll absorb light in my DNA’s natural chlorophyll
to generate positivity for human photosynthesis!

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A drive through my hometown Kolkata, India,

One thought on “Evergreen: a Drive through the Rains

  1. Outstanding stuff. Where are you now ?

    sent using two thumbs please excuse typos


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