Leaving Imprints on the Sands of Time

You don’t have to wait to die to be forgotten -
in life it happens a ceaseless number of times;
as you navigate between locations, assignments, institutions or relationships - that fall out of line.

Yet we strive towards leaving noteworthy tracks, whether on mountainous, fluid or grassy paths -
so that a purpose makes the transit worthwhile,
for we know not - whether there’s an afterlife!

In over twelve years since I left my hometown,
after giving my best to three top public services
in the nascent spaces - as yet they’d operated in:
yet on returning, my city asks me for validation.

Twelve years, is long time to be out of circulation,
to those who’ve taken custody of knowing it all
there is to know about a city from textbooks:
yet persistent hobnobbing is their qualification!

The years of services I’ve put in do not count
I’m adjudged - for they didn’t apparently test me
on literary clout, so pseudo-philosophy I’d cast:
As if reading, and practicing writing are enough!

And yet, every step I tread, I still put my utmost,
so the passion with which I execute each task
to conduct my duties and public responsibilities -
catapult me if not to success, to my highest self!

When on a path chosen - you’re sure footed,
which is what leaves deep imprints on the sand:
though you don’t look back seeking your anchor -
yet with it, a traveller who is lost may find his ship.

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PS: these thoughts arose from sharing the post from my Jet Airways stint on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151068899104974&type=3 and in recalling my stints with ITC Sheraton as reservations incharge for the city’s property pre launch and having the SWOT analysis of every other premium hotel on the back of my hand!
Also Tanishq at a crucial stage of its change from 2003-2006 …this is after corporate sales stints with SITA travels in 1993 and Bank of America in 1995…
and yet I have to validate knowing and being known in my own city! 🤓Chennai never asked me for any such validations to accept me whole heartedly as a poet and literary author!


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