Sounds of the Rain

The rain splattered on my front porch,
dripping noisily on the mosaic drive -
as leaves shimmered in light through clouds
of steam from my teacup - catching my sight.

Dollops of rain fell from the balcony shed
as the FM radio played into my senses -
trying to arouse in me words that still fail,
after the deluge of soul crushing events.

A medley of sounds, green sights - of rain,
trying to wrench out of my soul a jubilation
to all that once spontaneously broke into song,
but now is numb, shunning human connection.

The cats - Milky & Pizza, look at me squarely;
green eyes demanding their portions of milk -
as slowly in my mind I hear the chirping of birds,
assuring me, after rain words can’t be far behind.

By the time I write this, rain bursts from the sky
that’s leaden and heavy as a drenched sandbag -
with accumulated clouds weighing on my mind:
As rain, words will have to ease my sullen heart.

— Shuvashree Chowdhury

PS — Just scribbled this on my phone sitting on my balcony over tea…with two collections of poems by Kamala Das and Tagore. It’s still raining as I post this…a wet crow is watching me! 🤓

“In the thrill of little leaves I see the air’s invisible dance, and in their glimmering the secret heart-beats of the sky”
— Rabindranath Tagore, FireFlies.

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”
— Rabindranath Tagore, Stray Birds

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Also sharing below – a fresh review of my book of short stories ‘Existences’ …

It’s so heartening to see that someone, really got the crux of all that you’ve tried to convey – of two decades of working in the corporate world…As a woman, in a patriarchal society, and hold your own!

You may click this post on Instagram below to read the views or I’m copy/pasting it as under …

thebooksocial_ The reputation of an industry is built on the integrity, grit and hard work of its employees. The ones who don’t feature on a magazine cover. They go unnoticed, unapplauded. The female workforce, even more so.

As if dealing with the daily demands of professional life is not enough, as a woman, you have to also put up with prejudices, sexism, pre-conceived notions and unfair expectations. Navigating through it all, keeping intact your own sense of values, judgments, femininity and opinions, is not always easy. It takes strength of mind and character. And this really comes through in this book.

‘Existences’ is a collection of 26 short stories and observations, by @shuvashree_chowdhury , on relationships, perceptions, ethics and such other aspects of human experience that add so much richness and colour to life. Love, friendship, belongingness, ageing, sexual identity, loneliness, grooming, gender equations, she speaks of them as seen and felt as a woman, in a world full of imbalances.

What I liked about the book was the diversity of stories. It was well- written, some of the stories were real page turners. But mostly, it was that strain of optimism that kind of bound all these accounts together, which I really liked. Shuvashree really deserves to be read more. A meaningful book, this one.

The instagram link:


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