A Gondola Ride back to Reality: Calcutta Rains

The lake in front of my Calcutta balcony
is a visual treat of nature’s bounty this morning:
a fury, if you make the nightlong deluge to be -
when rains are late in Purulia for harvesting.

My optimism on the rain and this flooding
took an embarrassed beating - in empathising
that my cook Nibaran’s family back home
was as yet in-waiting for the season's blessings.

Yet I set forth to enjoy these precious moments -
sitting out looking at being transported to Venice,
sipping my tea to the music of the wind chime
that’s my company across changes in times.

The birds chirping, crows leading the chorus,
drew my attention to Sun’s rays now warming -
to mentally fetch me back on a Gondola to reality:
As breakfast is served on,“in Purulia it’s raining!”
— Shuvashree Chowdhury

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This afternoon on my terrace …bloomed later in the day
This afternoon on my terrace…late bloomers
Mom and I with the boatman behind, in Kodaikanal Lake …March 2005
The Hoogly in Calcutta…

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