Terrace to Desk

LITTLE songs and little things come to my mind this morning. 

I seem to be floating on a stream in a boat, passing by the world on both banks.

Every little scene gives a sigh and says,
"I go."

World's pleasure and pain, like brother and sister, lift their pathetic eyes upon my face from afar.

Homely love peeps from her cottage corner to give me her passing glance.

With eager eyes I gaze from my heart's window on to the heart of the world.

And feel that with all its good and bad it is lovable.

— Rabindranath Tagore.


‘Terrace to Desk’

I bring them to my desk every morning
to enhance their day’s worth of a life -
as on my terrace by evening they wither
and spend a night falling out and dying.

The beauty they emanate just for a day
is more than I may radiate in my lifetime -
even with honourable inspirations if I try
to infuse empathy and sunshine in words.

The yellow, pink and scarlet hibiscus smile -
yet have a distinctly vivid though crisp life:
As do memories and experiences I weave
into wreaths, with my green ideas on white.

— Shuvashree Chowdhury

PS: I scribbled this and then came across the above poem by Tagore, that sums up my mood so succinctly. 😍🥰

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