Netaji: “Freedom is not given, it is taken”

“Life loses half its interest if there is no struggle-if there are no risks to be taken.”
— Netaji
The painting…My humble tribute to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose – devout patriot, brave son of mother India who relentlessly fought for our country’s independence – on his 125th birth anniversary.
I chose to get to work and make my own image of Netaji, rather than spend my energy praising or criticising – the WB or Central government’s initiative on the tabloid on him which was rejected or the proposed granite statue of him in Delhi.
Before the painting all day – As we tend to celebrate everything with food, I had a very typical Bengali breakfast menu and personally made peas kochuri, with sautéed alu and spring onion, and carrot kheer.

Exercising my personal Independence — I had announced in the morning that I would be making Gajar Halwa, but in keeping with exercising my creative instincts and also deciding on making a Bengali dish instead, I made special carrot kheer.
BG (husband) who is more non Bengali in his tastes, was extremely annoyed as he was expecting halwa when I excitedly showed him the kheer and then he even threatened to order halwa on the Swiggy App. I was obviously upset, as so much effort had gone into the kheer, but asked him to go ahead and get halwa if he wished.

But I don’t give up easily…so I sent our cook to BG with the kheer along with tea and it was returned untouched. I sent it across again with another cup of tea. Again untouched. Then I served the kheer, with breakfast. When he finally consented to taste it and then asked for a second helping. So, independence and persistence if you’re confident on your work, pays off! 🤓Now please read Netaji’s words on my painting over again, along with his quote I started with.

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The breakfast I describe above…

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