Lessons from my Drawing Board

“Lessons from my Drawing Board”

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist” -- Pablo Picasso

A painting on my desk is unfinished for long,
the sketch is ready, inspired by a lean form
of the Buddha on the Bodh Gaya Temple wall –
as on Buddha Jayanti I completed his image.

The delay on this is from my diverse drives
in working on simultaneous creative styles –
painting is not the only expression I choose
to illustrate what’s on my discerning mind.

A poem, novel, also a short story is forming
in different word folders of my iPad or laptop;
also, Bangla I’m learning to read, hand write
and stimulate my mind to productively thrive.

My written works in progress till completed -
I don’t show anyone so as to protect their souls:
but a painting is spread on my desk’s clipboard,
where it attracts unsolicited sights and opinions.

Advise, distracts me from my core inspirations -
I haven’t been tutored is their easy relaying point,
for people to judge and critic my creative incline:
As my brushstrokes have no identifiable method.

The colors I splash to my heart’s satisfaction,
brandishing the brushes with liberal fulfilment;
the backdrop I don’t finish first as is convention:
all this I’m told makes my works lack perfection.

I think of all this feedback as I change handwork
for by now I’ve learned the art of erasing, rework,
till sometimes the art paper’s surface has eroded:
to save her face I make my model put on a mask.

I soon regret having taken any of this feedback
as I miss the first glimpse of the face I’d created
inspired by truth, pouring in it my individuality
of decades of education - corporate and literary.
— Shuvashree Chowdhury

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