A soliloquy: “to be or not to be”.

A soliloquy: “to be or not to be”

Solitude and Harmony are best friends,
white and pink going hand in hand —
it’s rare to find one without the other
yet they give each other scope and space:
Without the other they’re quite incomplete
yet outshine each other in their soliloquies.

If you want progress along with harmony
you’ve to seek a pink-white duo ‘Tranquility’
to get to know yourself from deep inside
without letting others affect your self pride:
to build a formidable castle of resilience —
on it a customized nameplate, ‘Credence’.

PS: this is in continuation of the thoughts in the previous post…and no filters have been used on the photos of the sunset, of the last three days since last Sunday.

The rest of the photos are here: https://www.facebook.com/614624973/posts/10160600713169974/?mibextid=gLrg5J&fs=e&s=cl

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