Learning the underlying art of Art!

You’re friends with a man who likes you for your work - he has seen you’re in the good books of the boss and the universe.

You fall out with this guy soon because you’re called upon to be friends with the rival guy who always gets on his other side.

Competition is so ripe among warring sides at the slightest provocation - and you’re just a cog in the wheel if you’re on opposite sides of ambitious men.

Then a third has warmed up to you by now, as you’re not on either side of the original divide - he balances on the fence of competition and gets a cutting edge from all sides.

The 2nd rival guy who you’ve gone out of your way to help, drops you for supporting the first - understanding your loyalties to each are die hard - ranking is from the time of association.

So you have been fair and square with all three - but obviously you haven’t wizened, in growing up to be fifty from the trusting fourty - to know you cannot survive without politics, and have to stick to a side.

You may like to be friends with all and sundry, as you believe only your work will talk for you - but how can you balance the fragility of four men including one at home unequivocally!

But they all smile back at you confidently,
linking vibes on photos - like they’re childhood bumkins on a hurdy-gurdy ride:
A mere woman you watch the gig and learn!


PS: this would have to be my Worst Poem, ever! 🤓😛scribbled it straight on Facebook…

#womensempowerment #womansupportingwomen
#literaryfictionauthor #moralstrength #lessonslearnedthehardway #poets #authors #takingsides #artist #lifecoach #literaryfestivals #authorssupportingauthors #poetry

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