Home is a State of Mind

Home for me is where ever you are, 
now that you’re gone - you’re always near,
you travel with me through sun and shade -
guiding my decisions in cyclones and mazes. 

I wake up in a secure quilt, with you in dreams
that are so vivid at night like days have been - 
when we lived together as a close-knit family, 
our Lhasa Apso, Silvie at tea time at our feet! 

You were home from work by seven at most, 
so I could serve you my homemade 
recipes - from Femina and Cosmopolitan magazines
I subscribed to - so I’m  up to date  on trends. 

Reader’s Digest, Chandamama, The Week,
you subscribed to - no allure to a girl anymore
as she had to learn the ropes of womanhood you,                                                                                                                                      the convent schooling guarded her from. 

Today the world might be lonely and cruel
in losing the sheltering hands of my parents - 
but in their footsteps I traverse this existence,
always at home - in their sublime presence! 

PS: the previous post led to this one…home is an emotional state…more than the physical place where one resides. It’s a place within our hearts.

#home #parents #security #growingup #lifeanddeath #everlastingpresence

Home Is a State of Mind


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