‘Every Face tells a Story’: Writer’s Cafe.

A brand consultant will tell me I’m wrong
to share my paintings on social media posts -  
as a writer shouldn’t confuse target audiences
that expect her to be reserved and focused,
to only project all the hard work she puts in, 
and demonstrate pseudo intellectual acumen. 

Just as the poets think, a serious poet I’m not,
for I randomly string words to spread around - 
though I have a larger body of serious prose
than many who claim to be sharply astute:
As I write poetry books to depict social insight,
and don’t want only poets to read what I write! 

Brand or Art both mean to me - authenticity
with a strong visionary creative individuality,
not camouflaging a fearful, shallow hypocrisy:
forging an emotional bond with all of humanity  
 to convey what defines all my life’s learnings, 
without a need to worry about my saleability!

PS: sharing the concept of Writer’s Cafe: https://indianexpress.com/article/india/at-this-writers-cafe-every-face-has-a-story-to-narrate-4476119/

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