Ma: Mother’s Day gift

Happy Mother’s Day: sharing a few simple lines my mother wrote in Bangla remembering her mother, who was alive then, which posthumously went into her book of poetry – that I translated to English today for my mother, even though translation has taken away its charm in my view…
Simple emotions run from one generation to the next in this precise manner. And it isn’t easy to depict these simple thoughts into words, but that’s the beauty of poetry – it transcends langauage and time.

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On Mother’s Day I painted Ma Saraswati. This was my gift to my mother, also in spending time with her while connecting with the divine mother whose blessings I seek in life.

This idol, white and gold bordered, was in my mother’s large glass bookcase, since before I was born. I grew up with it. Over the years, it had become dull and worn out. When I was in high-school, after we just shifted to our new home, my mother asked the painters to pain it a fresh coat of white.

Then she handed it to me ceremoniously and said, “you paint Ma however you like.”

Somehow I didn’t get down to doing it till over three decades later, yesterday, two years after Ma has gone.

I hope wherever Ma is now, she can see I have kept her word. Just as I remember to keep her teachings alive.


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