A Wedding In The Sky.


Dusk approaches
with an orange veil
of Bridal Illusion tulle,
sheilding ardent Day
till she’s wedded,
from the dark
eyes of Night.

PS: I’m at this wedding now, from my rooftop in Chennai, even as I post this. 😄😄




Orange, Bridal Ilusion tulle fabric.


‘Entwined Lives’: My 2nd Novel.




This is the provisional cover and below is the storyline/blurb of my new novel, titled Entwined lives to be released by late August.

Entwined Lives is the story of two attractive, independent women, Sujata Anand and Aparna Nikhil, and of their lives in fateful conjunction with each other, from loving the same man Anand, a Chennai based media baron. Sujata is married to him after college, whereas Aparna returns from Mumbai to work for Anand, from a marriage gone horribly wrong due to her husband Nikhil’s alcoholism that eventually turns fatal. She briskly works her way up, to the position of editor of the newly launched Friday supplement – a lifestyle magazine. But has Aparna earned her promotion, or is it a privileged benediction of her boyfriend? Sujata is miffed and nurturing a romantic liaison with the much older Shekhar, sets up an event management, followed by an executive search firm.
The novel perceptively charts the loves, heartbreaks, and ambitious lives, of Sujata, Aparna, Anand, and Shekhar. This is, through a trajectory of societal issues – male and increasing female alcoholism, unrecognized emotional and physical abuse, extramarital romance or sex as fallout, sexual harassment; not the least perilous – social media hoaxes, frauds, and internet financial crimes. It is an intriguing kaleidoscope of life in urban India, which holds your sight in curiosity, on what are the options these characters will exercise in the end?


I look forward to your comments and feedback on the cover and storyline, even as I  finalize them…the book is at the editing stage.

Though the plot is very simple, modern and on your face, the literary thoughts vividly conveyed in it are in the line of seriousness as my first novel and all that you’re used to reading from me.

My collection of 26 short stories titled ‘Existences’ and another of over 80 poems titled ‘Fragments’ will follow the novel in a few more months. 🙂 I just had to do this, release all simultaneously – as ever since I started to write in 2006/07 I get very opposing views on my short stories versus my poems. Some of you like my stories, but not my poems so much, others like the poems so much more than my prose. So I wanted to present something for everyone.

Well, as for those who don’t like my work…I don’t spare any thought! 🙂

Those of you who have never read my published work might hopefully have read my daily Facebook posts or blogs…I will not present you much different through my published work so you know what to expect…

It’s been an awesome amount of work, it still is, with all the editing and all else, and I look forward to your love and support as always.

Warmest regards,


A Way Back Into Love



I trusted you with all my heart

After you gave me hope we would last,

That this wasn’t just another fling

You’d expect me to brazenly indulge.


After my heart was worn to shreds

I risked allowing you to sew it up:

With the light I saw in your eyes –

A silent passion you emanated on touch.


You lent wings to my career dreams,

Assurance – with persistence I would excel,

For I had the talent and potential

 To become anyone I truly wanted.


How could you then break my trust?

Allow the crystal ball of my heart to collapse:

Crushing with it all our beautiful moments,

Into a Kaleidoscope of painful events!


I know it’s never easy for you to find words

To reflect the melody of your heart,

For you’re afraid of vulnerability:

But in lieu of fear, don’t write me off!


Find gold lacquer – a way back into love,

For you, callously broke the porcelain vase

That held the blossoms of our hopes:

Kintsugi can beautify it again, reflecting cracks!


PS:  Meaning of Kintsugi – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kintsugi

This poem is inspired by the 2007 – Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore (two of my all-time favourite actors) movie ‘Music And Lyrics’ that I just watched again on television, a couple of hours back…just scribbled this initial draft while watching the movie…

The trailer is in the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4C6sSZlVKZE

The title is inspired by this song from the movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3Ztq2hu5Kg&feature=share






The Twilight Sky



White clouds float over me in the dusk sky
as if patches of cotton-wool embalming my tired mind,
above a solo bird reaching majestically for the sky,
even as a band of coconut and mango trees rustle
in the heady sea breeze – to cheer its climb,
urging me to converse with the half moon,
like the lone star romancing it tenderly –
under the blanket of the cozy grey sky.

PS: Wrote this impromptu, while as I’m still watching the romance of nature. 😃






A Chennai Sunset: However hot the city is through the day, the cooling sea-breeze that tends to wrap you enticingly – after the sun is tucked away, is what makes me go outdoors to personally greet the night.



Writing Versus Acting, and Insanity


Writing versus Acting, and Insanity 😃: Writing fiction (a novel more than a short story) is tediously different from acting in a film, in that you have to be able to make your reader enact the scenes in their head as the director would in a film, whereas while acting you merely enact them yourself.
In both cases, you have to get into the minds and under the skin of your characters, and feel them through all your senses. You laugh with them, cry with them, love and hate with them. You become your characters completely, living in their souls or rather their souls live in you.

But in writing, you’re not only the director, but an entire film crew. You choose the location, create the setting, choose the props and above all humour and engage your actors – who in this case are your readers, with the choicest of words and analogies, so they don’t get bored, and they complete the act you direct – uptill the end of the novel, all in their minds.
😃 Little wonder, writers, especially fiction writers who delve deep into their characters psyche, seem insane. Go and provoke them while in the midst of their incomplete work, whether or not at their desk, at your own peril. As they are playing so many characters at once in their head, and are emotionally in hypersensitive mode, that you don’t know which persona might jump out and verbally scathe you!
Then they come to their senses, bring out water to dowse the fire and balm to soothe scars. 😃

Living Free


Ever since a child, I was bound by people’s expectations of me, based on their deductions of my capability, be it my parents, teachers or colleagues: I was too quiet and timid to be a leader – my teachers thought, my parents considered I was too reserved and shy to go out and work, while my senior colleagues did not believe I could stand up and fight resistance as required in senior roles, perhaps due to the way I looked or due to lacking the perceptible aggression in my voice and body language. But I always waited for an opportunity to find the gates to these perceptions open, to run out and prove my worth, then return to prove them all wrong, and all this several times in life.

When I was about to start on my first novel, I had plenty of detractors – one of whom a close friend who actually said to me “you’re climbing the wrong tree.” But his words challenged me to cut him out as my friend, just as I did other negative influences, to complete what I set my mind to do.

So yes, I’ve often had to even fight with myself for the strength and conviction to break out of the gates of portrayals caging me…to be able to do what I wanted, but it’s all been well worth the run around in life, so that little can hold me back now.
It’s only when you are constantly bound in shackles by the perceptions the world has of you that you develop the strength, the ability to break free. So if you’ve wondered whether I was born free, grew up free…hell no, I was more leashed than most of you have been, but sure am living free now.  🙂


Yes, you can do it!!! You can surely climb over, just that you have to truly believe in yourself, as no one else might, and even if the rest of the world insists that you can’t.

What we think of ourselves creates our self esteem and confidence, which in turn will establish our reputation – if we have the patience and determination to persist in elevating our value in our own eyes.

“Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.:
“I desire so to conduct the affairs of this administration that if at the end, when I come to lay down the reins of power, I have lost every other friend on earth, I shall at least have one friend left, and that friend shall be down inside me.”
— Abraham Lincoln





Letting Go


Before me the river Ganges peacefully flows,

Its ripples rise and fall frothing over white cobbled stone;

But over boulders having no visible force – it caressingly glides,

Yet it gently flushes my heart of its obstinate toxic woes.

I sit for hours engrossed in the waters rhythmic flow

As if it is singing classical raga to the strums of the sitar:

With my back basking in the suns warm glow

I’m anointed by the cool breeze swathing the holy green flow.

As my soul seems liberated from debilitating worldly ties

I feel one with my creator, needing no identity I fear no rejection:

My sense of self consolidated, free of a lifelong urge for projection –

A palm-full of its own water I offer Ma Ganga thrice in obeisance.

Yet unable to leave I now slowly walk close to the water’s edge –

For a deep attachment I’ve developed for this holy current;

That’s a crutch to my soul, in filling the void in my heart I’ve created:

I still need a while to be free from craving worldly affections!  

PS: I took the pictures myself…the ones I’m in also I composed. 😊