The Break-Up


When the phone rang last Sunday-

               On the screen your name I viewed:

It constricted my wounded heart in

               Rekindling memories I long refused.


It has been ages since we last met-

               From when we parted at your gate:

I drove away from your steady gaze

               That from my memory never fades.


As I softly said ‘hello’- taking your call,

               In reply your voice was fixed and cool:

But the feelings between us did ignite

               As if a thousand whistles softly blew.


I calmly asked how you’re doing in life

               But in my heart violet butterflies flew:

In my mind they sailed, perched on you –

               Then kissed your lashes, lips gently too.


When you asked me how my life was

               With severity of your baritone diffused:

It blew the lid off your assumed cool –

               As over the seas our longing brewed.


Speaking insouciantly of those we knew

               It was desire for each other we renewed:

I felt you’d missed me as much as I did you –

               So our breakup I ended, saying “I love you.”



PS: This poem is inspired by the movie “The Break-Up” that I watched last Sunday. You could watch the trailer here if you haven’t watched the movie yet 🙂