The Mask I Wear



The Mask I Wear

So much is bottled within me –

Struggling to erupt, forcing to be free;

So much I hold with clenched teeth –

Screaming it out would liberate me.


Why is it that I cannot break free

From the shackles that bind me?

Am I a prisoner of my own thoughts?

I am breaking within, let me out.


What is it that chokes my voice –

Bottling my tears in a tight vial?

Why does my face seem like a mask –

Hiding what is behind to unmask?


Why can’t I beat the fear engulfing me –

To allow people to look inside me:

Am I afraid they will not accept me –

Ridiculing the weakness they see in me!


If only I can shout it all out aloud –

Open the doors and let it all out;

Pull the mask off my vulnerable soul:

From the fragility strength will emerge.