Downstream – The Thames


As we glided down the river path,

Lush green grass on both sides we passed;

The soft beam of the evening sun,

Warming our faces, under a bridge we crossed.


The flowers swaying in the moist chilly breeze,

As varied in colour like the rainbow that peeked;

The smell of the woods inhaling deep,

We brushed the light drizzle off our sleeves.


As I lay back on the cushioned plank,

In level with the water like a raft;

I looked to my right and what do I see?

A little duck, struggling to keep pace with me.


I closed my eyes to seal in the beauty,

That around me was abundant and free;

When again I opened my eyes, what should I see-

A group of ducks was floating alongside me.


Under a pretty bridge, when once again we passed,

The blue eyed punt girl in English accent said to us:

“Magdalene Bridge off the river Cherwell it is –

From Oxfordshire, we’re punting downstream. ”