A New Rain.


The clouds gently glided,

As tender leaves dripped;

Ruffled wet crows shook,

Mynas crooned transfixed.

A pigeon hopped my balcony-

Over the railing dripping wet;

Streaks of soft lightning tinted-

Leaves in varied green shades.

The sky again turned all grey,

Fresh clouds floated, a haze;

Then came a torrent of rain,

In the breeze leaves regaled.

I took in all the varied sights,

Yet not a drop of rain have I felt.

I’m shielded well from the damp,

On my senses a canvas I draped.

As early tomorrow I’ll go away,

This rain I won’t long see again;

As a fresh life cajoles me now,

So a different rain I must crave.

PS: Just wrote this on the balcony of my mother’s house in Calcutta, and in conclusion was the sight of this rainbow in the picture above…that I’m viewing even as I post this 🙂