Waves softly breaking on the Sea Shore,

Feeling the cool sand between my toes

Sitting in the full moon’s orange glow

Silently I wondered on life once more


Another year has briskly gone by

Like quick sand in a dessert night

Pulling me into the depths of time

My head barely out of the earth’s line


Ever since a little girl I was

Excited when my birthday came along

Knowing the next year would  be

Closer to the finish of life’s marathon


Now with the completion of a lap

When my birthday comes back

The fatigue I invariably shirk away

Like a girl again to enjoy the day


Lost in thought while I was

The glowing moon just disappeared

Looking up when I could not see

Dejection came creeping into me


Closing my eyes I made a wish

Opening them the wish fulfilled

The moon was in its glorious glow

Peeking at me with the clouds below


Hide n Seek playing with me

Skirting in and out of the clouds merrily

Like happiness has always been

Playing Blind Mans Buff with me


I closed my eyes again, wondering

Would the moon be there once again?

If I opened my eyes to see – It was,

Its magnificent glow on the shimmering sea


After a hiatus when the moon peeks

It illuminates the world beautifully

Happiness after a break when it comes

Likewise – fills my life magnanimously