My Journey: International Women’s Day & Holi thoughts…

A Photo vis-a-vis a Sketch/Painting…

I’m sharing the photo below that inspired the sketch above – No it’s not a digital remake as many think. This is the bio of Sonjaye Maurya the reputed painter who sketched this –

Also sharing below, the approximately 100 words write-up I submitted when I was requested, on being shortlisted – for the Financial Express (in the link below) mention of my book Existences on last International Women’s Day – on my journey to becoming a writer/author.
You are posed several tests and hurdles in the screening process of anything you achieve in life. Nothing is served to you on a
platter from heaven. It took me 12 years after writing this book, to find a noteworthy mention in the media even though my 2nd written book Across Borders received much coverage in the pan-Indian media.
But for couch-critics, whether the perfection in a sketch or the showcase of your book – it’s always attributed to a divine cake-walk.

Shuvashree Chowdhury.
Mine has been a challenging, but educative journey to becoming a novelist, poet and short-fiction writer. This was in transitioning from a reserved, and sheltered small-town, French colony of Chandannagar’s convent boarding-school upbringing, with my family and all vacations in Calcutta, participating in all school competitions whether sports or the arts; to a Delhi University’s bachelor of commerce degree course, in spite of a flair for words over numbers, in the north-campus as a hostler playing basketball for inter-college; to several job assignments serially in two decades at some of the top Indian corporates in Chennai and Kolkata – to being married to a senior print media journalist and author – before authoring five books myself so far.
All these experiences I consciously carry along, and they ring out aloud to give my writing voice a strength, even while retaining and upholding the true essence of being a woman. Thus giving me a repertoire of narratives for all the views I put forth astutely in all genres of my writing.

This was the coverage I qualified for inspite of a shortlisting, that the above write up was sent:

Happy Holi!

The Indian festival of Colours – Holi:
We’re just a couple of days away now. I just made this painting to go with the thoughts in my poem below – that’s from my first collection, Fragments.
Hoping to have a new edition of this this with my paintings as illustrations.
Also sharing the prologue of this book – my Vision Statement – to explain the purpose of my life’s work.
With my two decades of varied corporate experiences – especially in training youth – one would expect I’d not only have a vision-mission-values statement, but also display it at the lounge of my workspace.🤓

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