My Inheritance: Passing on my Mothers Legacy.

Sharing samples of my Inheritance: Also how I’ve passed on my mother’s legacy to the world, through the books that define her life and teachings.
The first few recommendations here for a woman who was about 26-28 years at the time – when there was a lot of discrimination against women, and that too she had just come from East Pakistan a couple of years ago in 1964, heading straight to Gwalior and didn’t speak a word of Hindi – was indeed remarkable and commendable.
I have tried to live up to her coaching and leadership training at my numerous and varied jobs but much more through my writing.
After drama, sports, drawing, and leadership that she’s excelled at – I have been compiling Ma’s book of Bangla poetry from 5 diaries she’d written in – till 1967/68 since last year and will hopefully be published in Dacca by year end.
Ma just didn’t have the patience to see it through anymore! But I’ve shared a short video clip of a sample of her verses at the end …and mine on her in the last two posts.
Please click on the album link “Pictorial Biography …” below, to view more photos:

Maya from Across Borders with Sanjana and Dipanjana ☺️🤓
My husband’s version of Ma from her 70th year onwards in an entire chapter here.
With veteran actor Victor Banerjee at the launch of Longing, Belonging…
With veteran actors Victor Banerjee and Barun Chanda – who were reputed actors Satyajit Ray cast in his films.
Ma’s 80th bday in lockdown on 8.9.2020

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